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rewilding * relational * rites is an offering of holistic support to weather the storms and align with the seasons of life.


Mentorship and coaching can offer whole-human-being holding; a container for living your questions  and a guide on your path towards living your truth. 


With the anchor of practice and self study, your wholeness is held with care, compassion and commitment to healing and cultural regeneration.


With Nature as Guide we receive teachings from the land, the elements, and all the wild beings, interconnected in this web of life.


Join me as we steep in the beyond human world and garner support for the recovery of our belonging and wholeness.



re-wilding mentorship

for youth, young adults and people of all ages seeking holistic guidance

re·wild / rēˈwīld / verb

restore to its natural uncultivated/unsettled state 

Are you seeking mentorship, witnessing and a container 

for your exploration and transformation?

if you are ready to...

  • find a sense of belonging and ground during chaotic times 

  • trust, love and value yourself and your gifts

  • explore your purpose and live into your part of stewarding change & the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible 

  • clarify and inquire into your life questions through self-study, practice and exercises with Nature as Teacher 

  • grow awareness and analysis of your identities, positionality, privilege, impact and responsibility in the movement towards justice and repair

Re-wilding mentorship can support you to navigate personal, professional, and planetary transitions and crises, and to embody the wholeness and fullness of your creativity in our rapidly changing world.

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relational tending

for non-profits, affinity groups, communities, teams and organizations

relational / rəˈlāSH(ə)n(ə)l / adj 

awareness of interconnectedness with others

tending / ˈtɛndɪŋ / verb / to take care of someone or something

are you in need of support to have hard conversations, explore deeper truths, and heal conflict with your community and colleagues?

if you are you ready for...

  • healing with relationship as a container for personal collective transformation

  • moving beyond the current story about the way your group relates to each other

  • become fully responsible for your contribution and impact, including challenges, shadow, and celebrations

  • marking changes, exploring conflict, and creating agreements and commitments

relational tending can support you and your group to process conflict, strengthen connections, communicate and establish boundaries with healthy expression.

self generated ceremony

& rites of passage

rite / rīt / noun

a ceremonial act or action

are you going through a life stage transition and are wishing for guidance and holding for this moment?

do you feel ready to...

  • mark changes, sever from what no longer serves and welcome in a new life phase

  • access your innate ceremonial self and learn how use ritual for deep self-understanding and healing 

  • be held in wholeness, compassion and accountability as you enter ceremonial space 

  •  empty out so that you can receive the imprint and mirror of ‘Nature as Guide’ and the call of mystery

  •  become more deeply embedded in your ancestral lineage and relationship to place

 Rites of Passage guidance can support you in self-generated ceremony, preparation and incorporation during life transitions such as a birthday, or the beginning or ending of a job or relationship.

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upcoming events
about siri

Siri is a wilderness rite of passage guide and council trainer, deeply moved by the sense of belonging and wholeness accessible through stripping down and coming into direct contact with the natural world as well as human community. 


A deep believer in ‘nature as teacher’ and self-study as ways of insight into the human being, Siri is passionate about love and community, liberation and equity, embodiment and movement, and permaculture and water.


A bridge person and pollinator, Siri has moved with purpose between places, projects, organizations, and programs with transformational vision including Three Creeks, Tamera, The Ojai Foundation, Ways of Council, School of Lost Borders, Soma Source, Naropa University LeapNow Gap Year Program, and Beyond Boundaries: an intergenerational ‘response team for our times’. 


Currently Siri serves on the Youth Passageways Stewardship Council and works with the Youth Passageways Education and Consulting Collective.


Siri is grateful for her teachers and mentors, including Gigi Coyle, Melissa Michaels and Sabine Lichtenfels.

In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect.

Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful.

​'Alice Walker'

Nature of Council

dates TBD 2023

Big Pine, CA - Baker Creek Campground

with Siri Gunnarson and co-guide

Council is an ancient way and modern practice whose roots are deep within the natural world, spanning diverse cultures and spiritual traditions. Sitting in circle we remember and learn to listen to the whole: the people, the place and all living things. This practice elicits an experience of deep community, recognizing that each voice has value, every person has a gift, a story to share, a piece of the puzzle.

For more information about Council

click here.

Young Adults Wilderness Rites of Passage

dates TBD 2023

Big Pine, CA - Inyo Mountains

with Siri Gunnarson and team

Nearly every culture on earth shows evidence of a ceremonial marking of the passage from youth to adulthood, undertaken consciously, and witnessed by the community. Without acknowledgement how do they know they have in fact crossed over into a new life-stage? An initiation marking this passage into adulthood, confirming responsible participation in the world, can be an integral part of healthy human development.

For more information and to register,

click here


Processes we might use together

  • Nature as Teacher:  connections to nature, working with questions and the mirrors of nature

  • Maps of Wholeness:  holistic development and integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit

  • Self-Study: understanding the seasons and cycles of our lives

  • Cultivating Resilience:  developing skills to  be with change and discomfort and using practices that uplift healing and perseverance

  • Understanding Collective Trauma: study and practice anti-oppression frameworks and analysis to address individual and systemic healing

How we might engage

with each other

Individual Work:

  • One on one phone calls: weekly or bi-monthly

  • In-person, in-nature distanced sessions in the greater Bay Area 

  • Individually designed practices to meet your intentions and needs

Additional Processes in Group Work:

  • Holistic Mediation & Group Conflict Exploration

  • Council 

  • One-on-one support meetings to prepare for and digest group mediation processes. 

To deepen our inquiry and work together,

3 - 6  month commitments are welcomed.

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/// dedicated to co-liberation ///


“If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, 

but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine,

then let us work together.”

- Lilla Watson -


lin·e·age /ˈlinēij / noun

lineal descent through ancestry, cultural and spiritual practices, mentorship and training.

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ancestry northern and western european

Norwegian, Swedish, German and Scottish

"Siri has a profound ability to hold all perspectives in a relationship, allowing each person to transcend where they have been and come to deeper mutual understanding. My wife and I trust her instinctively... Her mastery of communication not only unraveled our knots, but it permanently upgraded our communication as a couple. I especially recommend Siri to anyone sincerely trying to navigate nontraditional relationships, and to any couple who has reached an initiatory moment in their relationship."

Charles Eisenstein